Kambo: The Amazonian frog
venom known as
“nature’s vaccine”.

Private or group Kambo
treatments and ceremony


Kambo is one of the most potent natural ways to restore the immune system, and one of nature’s most compelling anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antibiotic and anesthetic substances on the planet.

Often people describe feeling cleansed or emerge with a new sense of calm and clarity. Deeper connection with self and the world, alignment, and renewal can result from even one treatment of Kambo.


Kambo has been known to support and relieve dozens of body ailments, health conditions, illnesses and diseases.

Chronic Pain

Kambo, a potent painkiller and anesthetic, contains peptides that are 4000 times stronger than morphine. It is one of the strongest natural anti-inflammatory substances on Earth.


Kambo contains peptides that specifically target support for stress, anxiety, depression, addictions, and even major illnesses like Parkinson’s, Alzheimers and more.


Kambo detoxifies and cleanses the liver, intestines and the lympathic system, removing the yeast candida. It is also antibiotic, antifungal and antimicrobial.


Kambo upgrades the immune system, specifically through the peptide dermorphin, and balances the endocrine, digestive, and lympatic system.


A Tradition Thousands of Years Old

The earliest known venom use for medicine dates back to 380 B.C., in Ancient Greece. Kambo is often considered a poison, or a venom and has been used by forest people in the Amazon for thousands of years. Only recently in the 1980’s, Mestizo or half-indigenous people, began learning the practice from indigenous tribes and sharing it in the cities of Brazil. Today, the 1st nation peoples have chosen to share the use of kambo to all peoples, as it has spread worldwide and continues to grow in popularity.

This traditional medicine consists of many influential peptides that fortify the human body, which have been scientifically studied for over three decades.


Kambo is considered an “ordeal medicine.” This means that the experience of receiving kambo may not be very comfortable or easy. It has a cleansing and purgative effect, which most usually causes nausea, vomiting, and eliminating, as your body and spirit are being cleansed.

3 treatments within a moon cycle (28 days) are recommended, especially for chronic ailment. However even one treatment will bring shifts in physical and energetic wellbeing.



Kambo Practitioner

Julie was born and raised in the Blue Ridge Mountains near Asheville, NC. She has been studying international culture, dance, herbalism, plant medicines, indigenous healing practices, and yoga since 1999. She received Kambo certification in April 2018, after 2 years of life altering personal healing through Kambo work. Her certification came through the Universal Kambo Alliance (UKA) and now Julie administers Kambo and Hape’ ceremonially in Asheville. She also teaches yoga and offers private yoga/movement sessions in addition to Kambo treatments.

My Approach

My approach is intuitive, respectful, and grounded in traditional ceremony that maintains a strong and safe container. My role is that of a conduit or channel, serving each client, so they may receive the healing blessing of Kambo.

Unique Framework

I work one-on-one with each of my clients, taking time to be thorough and careful before each treatment, ensuring each client feels safe, comfortable, and prepared for their session. I follow Universal Kambo Alliance (UKA) safety protocol for Kambo administration, which involves strict measures for maintaining cleanliness and good health.

I began my journey with Kambo in fall of 2017. I was curious and desperate to explore this medicine as my whole world had been so dark and dismal on and off, for so many years.I am not certain when I contracted lyme disease as I never found a tick or a bulls eye rash, and I had other health issues that cause similar symptoms as lyme disease. But I know I have at least had it since 2012 due to a series of symptoms and then in 2015 very loud manifestations of neurological lyme. I had one inconclusive test, then another that had more positive markers.
I made a little headway with herbal formulas, but it was a slowwww process due to not having the funds to really address not only the bacteria still wrecking havoc in me, but also the repair to damage already done.
My symptoms ranged from eye floaters that came and went, horrible night vision (light intolerance), absolutely dysfunctional fatigue, short and long term memory loss, overall cognitive dysfunction, and severe depression. The depression would get so severe I battled with suicidal ideation.
I made serious progress with ozone Iv’s in 2017. They are pricey. I found kambo in the fall of 2017 and I had such a severe die off reaction from 2 very strong sessions back to back, that the detox (herxiemer reaction) was just torture while having to work full time. After ten days, the storm ceased, and I felt like I had a large part of myself back. It was like I came back to life!! I became more intimate with joy, peace, clarity, focus, energy and my daughter. It was amazing. I kept doing treatments as much as I could afford throughout 2018 and continue to feel certain that this illness is soon to be completely behind me. I wish I was better at keeping count of treatments. I believe I have had 16 sessions from fall of 2017- January 2019. The only major setback I have had with my healing journey was when I had 4 very stressful things occur in my life over the fall and my system was weakened. The bacteria had an opportunity to take me down, and it did. Very common with chronic lyme . But I still never felt as bad as I did prior to kambo.
This medicine is deep and my understanding is that it crosses the blood brain barrier. Few things can do that to address lyme in the brain. I knew it was in my brain due to how severely dysfunctional I was. It can be an unpleasant experience when one has chronic infections such as lyme when the bacteria are actually dying off in great numbers. But it is absolutely worth it. I don’t think I would be alive today if it weren’t for this great gift from the frog. I wasn’t able to hold onto any glimpses of fleeting hope for long enough to want to stay alive. It gave me my life back. I am in tears as I write this. Please be patient if you are dealing with long term holding patterns, even if you don’t have a name for them or verified testing. The medicine works on the body, mind and spirit. Let it in, truly let it in, and it can revolutionize your world.

As someone who has struggled with chronic illness it has been a life long journey to work with my symptoms, pain, body and mind.
Kambo- unlike any other modality or healthcare treatment-has proven to be the healing Panacea that has allowed me to understand, and heal through my suffering.
To work with Julie has been the key that unlocked this medicine for me.
Her sharp awareness, committed respect and prayer to and for and with the medicine, her voice, the strong container she holds and the love in her heart, allow this medicine to be received in a way that gets right to the heart of the matter.
While some might say that “medicine” is all that is needed to heal the sick, it is my experience that the bedside manner, intention, and heartfelt compassion of the “physician” is equally if not more important for the sick to heal.
For me, Julie has been the skilled practitioner who not only carries the powerful medicine of Kambo, but also applies it with the care and awareness of the greatest of “physicians”.
For those in need of healing, and willing to do their work, I cannot recommend anyone more, attentive, compassionate or skillful than Julie with Alchemy Kambo.

Uma Goodman

Mother of two

Julie brings a profound sensitivity, clarity, and warmth to her Kambo sessions. That makes all the difference for work that can be both intimate and challenging. I do a session with her every time I am in Asheville and look forward to doing a series within a lunar cycle.

Joseph Kelly

Founder & CEO , HiveMind & NetZero

Julie holds a very safe, loving, calm, sacred space during your Kambo treatment. Perfect for the new moon! 

Jennifer Braxter Medeiros

Makobi Scribe

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Kambo Hallucinogenic? Will I "trip"?

No. None of the peptides present in Kambo are known to produce hallucinations. Some people may experience a momentary shift in their state of reality, and often might receive insights into their life.

How is Kambo applied?

Kambo is administered privately or in a group setting, sitting outside in the warmer months and inside on the floor in the colder months.

Small holes, called gates are burned into the Interstitium, fluid-filled spaces in connective tissues all over the body, within the dermal layer of the skin. For more information on the Interstitium, click HERE. The burns are cleaned and excess skin is removed to limit scarring. The number and placement of the gates depends, person to person and the amount of the secretion they are needing. This will be discussed before the treatment. The secretion is then placed in the gates, entering the body through the lyphatic system.

Do the burns leave scars?

They might leave scars.

The wound where the Kambo was administered will be sealed with a Peruvian tree sap that is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. The sap serves as a sealant or liquid bandage and assists in rapid healing and protection from infection. Please do not cover the wounds with a bandage, but allow them to heal in the open, as the sap creates a bandage. Please leave the sap on the marks until they naturally fall off, do not pick at the points as this might induce further scarring.

If you prefer no scaring, use Vitamin E oil only after the scabs have fallen off naturally.

Is Kambo safe?

Yes, used in responsibility and knowledge, Kambo is completely safe. If you are not sure if you are eligible for a Kambo treatment, refer to this section, to be sure.

Working with UKA (Universal Kambo Alliance) trained practitioner ensures that you are receiving Kambo from a highly trained practitioner who is held to the high standards of safety, ethics, and responsibility required by the UKA code of ethics.





Kambo must be administered by a trained practitioner. Alchemy Kambo serves the Western North Carolina area, Asheville and surrounding counties. If you would like to request a Kambo ceremony in your area, please apply for a treatment below.

Asheville NC Kambo Treatments

Are you interested in finding kambo treatments in Asheville, North Carolina? You can book kambo sessions right here on our website. Julie is an Asheville, NC based kambo practitioner. She grew up in the Asheville area, was born in Asheville’s very own Mission Hospital. If you are travelling through this amazing and inspiring mountain town, or if you live here and want a regular kambo treatment practitioner, please don’t hesitate to reach out and connect!