About Alchemy Kambo


Julie Merrill is the practitioner of Alchemy Kambo. She was born and raised in the mountains of western North Carolina near Asheville.

In 1999, as she delved into the realms of dance and African studies, she discovered a profound connection between movement, culture, and spirituality. Through her rigorous training and exposure to diverse dance forms, she not only honed her physical abilities but also gained a profound understanding of the power of movement as a form of expression and healing.

In 2001, Julie’s path led her to Africa where she immersed herself in dance and African studies. This experience not only enriched her awareness of different cultures but also deepened her connection with the healing arts. She personally experienced how dance and movement could be used as powerful tools for self-expression and transformation.

Her journey took an unexpected turn when she stumbled upon the fascinating world of medicinal plants during her first time in Africa. Intrigued by their ancient wisdom and therapeutic properties, she embarked on a quest to realize their healing potential. From the lush rainforests of South America to the arid deserts of Africa, she sought out indigenous healers who possessed centuries-old knowledge about these natural remedies.

Immersing herself in these ancient traditions, she witnessed firsthand the profound impact that medicinal plants had on individuals and communities. She learned about their intricate preparation methods, their ability to restore balance within the body, and their capacity to address ailments both physical and spiritual. But her thirst for knowledge did not stop there. Inspired by her encounters with indigenous healers and her seemingly ancient passion for dance, Julie began to explore the intersection between movement through yoga, plant medicine, and healing. It was during this exploration that she stumbled upon the sacred medicine of Kambo or Sapo.

She found the healing of frog medicine while in a critical healing crisis, experiencing herniated and bulging discs, unable to walk. Using Kambo for pain management and inadvertently, healing the digestive system to receive, building the immune system, and bringing more alignment to the limbic system, Sapo began assisting her spirit to wholeness and love. As she continued her journey with frog medicine, she realized that Kambo was not just a physical healer but also a powerful catalyst for spiritual growth. The profound shifts she experienced in her physical health were only the beginning of a much larger transformation.

Through the process of working with Sapo, she began to tap into her own innate healing abilities and intuition. She discovered that she had a deep connection to the natural world and a profound appreciation of energy and its impact on our well-being. This newfound awareness ignited a passion within her to share this knowledge with others and contribute to healing on a global scale. As her integration deepened, so did her desire to create spaces for others to heal and reconnect with their own inner wisdom. She became an advocate for those in need of healing while protecting the lineage and practice of the Kambo traditions.

Since receiving her Kambo training in April of 2018, she has dedicated herself to deepening her wisdom and practice of this powerful healing modality. Joao de Noe and Claudia Costa, renowned practitioners and teachers in the field, provided her with invaluable knowledge and guidance during her training with the Universal Kambo Alliance (UKA). With immense gratitude, she embraced the opportunity to be initiated as a ceremonial Kambo and Hapé practitioner in Asheville, NC. This initiation marked a significant milestone in her journey towards becoming a trusted facilitator of these sacred medicines.

As she delved further into her practice, she realized the profound impact that Kambo and Hapé had on individuals seeking physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. Witnessing the transformative experiences of those who participated in her ceremonies fueled her passion for this work even more. She recognized that administering Kambo and Hapé ceremonially was not merely about applying the medicine physically but also creating a safe and sacred space for participants to explore their own healing path.

Julie believes that each person possesses an innate ability to heal themselves,  physically, emotionally, and spiritually. She believes that healing is not just about curing ailments, but also about finding balance and harmony within oneself. Through her various artistic expressions, Julie seeks to create a space where individuals can tap into their own inner wisdom and access the transformative power of self-healing.

Since 2003, Julie has also been a metalsmith and jeweler. She crafts intricate pieces of jewelry that serve as talismans for personal growth and healing. Each piece is imbued with intention and carries the energy of ancient healing practices. By wearing these creations, individuals are reminded of their own capacity for transformation and are encouraged to embrace their unique journey towards wholeness.

In her role as a healer, Julie combines her knowledge of alternative therapies with her intuitive gifts. She understands that true healing encompasses more than just the physical body; it involves addressing emotional wounds, energetic imbalances, and spiritual disconnection.

Julie’s passion for healing work now extends beyond Kambo, into the worlds of yoga and movement, Thai massage, and multiple indigenous ceremonial traditions. She believes in the transformative power of these practices and strives to share their benefits with others. Her Yoga Teacher Training from Asheville Community Yoga has equipped her with a deep comprehension of various yoga styles, including Hatha, Vinyasa, and Yin. As a certified instructor, Julie ensures that her teaching methods align with the highest standards of professionalism and ethics.  Her massage offerings further support all other healing modalities by providing body awareness, improved physical flexibility,  release of tension and trapped energy, relaxation, and opening of stagnant places in the body, within a serene environment of safety. She creates a safe and inclusive space for individuals of all levels to explore their bodies, minds, and spirits through movement, receiving, and the powerful gifts of Kambo.

“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.”

Photography #1, Rimas Zailskas

Photography #2, Feather Storm

My Approach

I believe that our bodies know how to heal themselves and that all dis-ease is internal conflict. For example, between different psychological parts of ourselves, or physically, one side of the body and the other. I hope to serve as a guide and facilitator, holding space for my clients to experience Kambo in its truest form. Kambo is the road opener into transformation, as it clears stagnation and opens pathways for the body to heal itself. My approach is intuitive, respectful, and grounded in traditional ceremony that maintains a strong and safe container. My role is that of a conduit or channel, serving each client, so they may receive the healing blessing of Kambo.

Unique Framework

I work one-on-one with each of my clients, taking time to be thorough and careful before each treatment, ensuring each client feels safe, comfortable, and prepared for their session. I use traditional ceremonial process, incense and smudge to clear the space, offer hapé and sanaga for additional cleansing and alignment, and follow UKA safety protocol for Kambo administration, which involves strict measures for maintaining sanitation and preventing infection. I often use rattles, bells, or feathers to assist in moving energy and vibration.

Julie brings a profound sensitivity, clarity, and warmth to her Kambo sessions. That makes all the difference for work that can be both intimate and challenging. I do a session with her every time I am in Asheville and look forward to doing a series within a lunar cycle.

Joseph Kelly

Founder & CEO , HiveMind & NetZero

Julie holds a very safe, loving, calm sacred space during your Kambo treatment. Perfect for the new moon! 

Jennifer Baxter Medeiros

Makobi Scribe

As someone who has struggled with chronic illness it has been a life long journey to work with my symptoms, pain, body and mind.
Kambo- unlike any other modality or healthcare treatment-has proven to be the healing Panacea that has allowed me to understand, and heal through my suffering.
To work with Julie has been the key that unlocked this medicine for me.
Her sharp awareness, committed respect and prayer to and for and with the medicine, her voice, the strong container she holds and the love in her heart, allow this medicine to be received in a way that gets right to the heart of the matter.
While some might say that “medicine” is all that is needed to heal the sick, it is my experience that the bedside manner, intention, and heartfelt compassion of the “physician” is equally if not more important for the sick to heal.
For me, Julie has been the skilled practitioner who not only carries the powerful medicine of Kambo, but also applies it with the care and awareness of the greatest of “physicians”.
For those in need of healing, and willing to do their work, I cannot recommend anyone more, attentive, compassionate or skillful than Julie with Alchemy Kambo.

Uma Goodman

Mother of two

I began my journey with Kambo in fall of 2017. I was curious and desperate to explore this medicine as my whole world had been so dark and dismal on and off, for so many years. I am not certain when I contracted lyme disease as I never found a tick or a bulls eye rash, and I had other health issues that cause similar symptoms as lyme disease. But I know I have at least had it since 2012 due to a series of symptoms and then in 2015 very loud manifestations of neurological lyme. I had one inconclusive test, then another that had more positive markers.
I made a little headway with herbal formulas, but it was a slowwww process due to not having the funds to really address not only the bacteria still wrecking havoc in me, but also the repair to damage already done.
My symptoms ranged from eye floaters that came and went, horrible night vision (light intolerance), absolutely dysfunctional fatigue, short and long term memory loss, overall cognitive dysfunction, and severe depression. The depression would get so severe I battled with suicidal ideation.
I made serious progress with ozone Iv’s in 2017. They are pricey. I found kambo in the fall of 2017 and I had such a severe die off reaction from 2 very strong sessions back to back, that the detox (herxiemer reaction) was just torture while having to work full time. After ten days, the storm ceased, and I felt like I had a large part of myself back. It was like I came back to life!! I became more intimate with joy, peace, clarity, focus, energy and my daughter. It was amazing. I kept doing treatments as much as I could afford throughout 2018 and continue to feel certain that this illness is soon to be completely behind me. I wish I was better at keeping count of treatments. I believe I have had 16 sessions from fall of 2017- January 2019. The only major setback I have had with my healing journey was when I had 4 very stressful things occur in my life over the fall and my system was weakened. The bacteria had an opportunity to take me down, and it did. Very common with chronic lyme . But I still never felt as bad as I did prior to kambo.
This medicine is deep and my understanding is that it crosses the blood brain barrier. Few things can do that to address lyme in the brain. I knew it was in my brain due to how severely dysfunctional I was. It can be an unpleasant experience when one has chronic infections such as lyme when the bacteria are actually dying off in great numbers. But it is absolutely worth it. I don’t think I would be alive today if it weren’t for this great gift from the frog. I wasn’t able to hold onto any glimpses of fleeting hope for long enough to want to stay alive. It gave me my life back. I am in tears as I write this. Please be patient if you are dealing with long term holding patterns, even if you don’t have a name for them or verified testing. The medicine works on the body, mind and spirit. Let it in, truly let it in, and it can revolutionize your world.






Kambo must be administered by a trained practioner. Alchemy Kambo serves the Western North Carolina area, Asheville and surrounding counties. If you would like to request a Kambo ceremony in your area, please apply for a treatment below.