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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Kambo Hallucinogenic? Will I "trip"?

No. None of the peptides present in Kambo are known to produce hallucinations. Some people may experience a momentary shift in their state of reality, and often might receive insights into their life.?

How is Kambo applied?

Kambo is administered privately or in a group setting, sitting outside in the warmer months and inside on the floor in the colder months.

Small holes, called gates are burned into the Interstitium, fluid-filled spaces in connective tissues all over the body, within the?dermal layer of the skin. For more information on the Interstitium, click HERE. The burns are cleaned and excess skin is removed to limit scarring. The number and placement of the gates depends, person to person and the amount of the secretion they are needing. This will be discussed before the treatment. The secretion is then placed in the gates, entering the body through the lyphatic system.?

Do the burns leave scars?

They might leave scars.

The wound where the Kambo was administered will be sealed with a Peruvian tree sap that is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. The sap serves as a sealant or ?liquid bandage? and assists in rapid healing and protection from infection. Please do not cover the wounds with a bandage, but allow them to heal in the open, as the sap creates a bandage. Please leave the sap on the marks until they naturally fall off, do not pick at the points as this might induce further scarring.?

If you prefer no scaring, use Vitamin E oil only after the scabs have fallen off naturally.?

Is Kambo safe?

Yes, used in responsibility and knowledge, Kambo is completely safe. If you are not sure if you are eligible for a Kambo treatment, refer to this section, to be sure.?

Working with UKA (Universal Kambo Alliance) trained practioner ensures that you are receiving Kambo from a highly trained practioner who is held to the high standards of safety, ethics, and responsibility required by the UKA code of ethics.?




Kambo must be administered by a trained practioner. Alchemy Kambo serves the Western North Carolina area, Asheville and surrounding counties. If you would like to request a Kambo ceremony in your area, please apply for a treatment below.